Role of Community in Mental Health

Role of Community in Mental Health
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The community plays a fundamental role in the mental health landscape. Some of the key attributes influenced by the involvement of the community in mental health programs are the following:

  • To implement community mental health programs for mental health awareness
  • To improve the support system for mental health patients in the community
  • To integrate mental health services in the fabric of society
  • To work towards increasing the acceptance of mental health patients by the society
  • To improve rehabilitation opportunities for mental health patients
  • To discover social root causes for mental illnesses
  • To develop social remedies for social components of mental illnesses

The human being as a part of the community

Every human being is an integral part of his or her community and to a great extent is also a product of the social fabric surrounding him. We are born into the society surrounding us, we learn our social attitudes through our community and we depend on our community for our survival and relationships. We are defined by our community and in turn, help define our community too.

Our mental landscape is affected by the social attitudes surrounding us. Our mind is conditioned deeply by the strong influences, morals, and values that define the community around us. To that extent, our behavior patterns are subconsciously affected by our social attitudes.

Mental illness or problems

When an individual experiences mental problems or illnesses, it is important to understand and analyze the community or larger social fabric that the individual belongs to. Several factors influencing the individual’s mental condition are deeply connected with the community surrounding him. If these are understood and dealt with successfully, it helps understand some of the dimensions of the mental condition of the individual.

Dealing with community aspects of mental health

The background factors affecting a patient can also be integrated into the therapy and counseling sessions designed for the particular patient. There can be community programs designed to aid in the successful and speedy recovery of patients with psychological problems. Community programs for mental health also help to increase the general awareness about mental health and illness among the general population. Many communities experience a taboo associated with mental illnesses. This can increase the resistance of patients towards treatment.

On the other hand, increased awareness of society towards mental health can help improve the acceptance level of the community towards patients with mental health problems.

Community Mental Health Programs have come a long way in enhancing the awareness and acceptance levels of society towards mental health and illnesses.

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