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Mental health for one and all

Technology in the form of the internet, telecommunications, mobile phones, information technology tools has transformed all dimensions of our world today. We leverage modern technology in the form of advanced science of diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. But in addition, ‘the Mumbai Psychiatrist’ team also believes that modern technology has helped increase the awareness, accessibility, and user-friendliness of mental health services in our practice.

We specifically pride ourselves in conveying the following patient values through the use of advanced technology:

Aid not a substitution

We understand and assert that modern technology is a valuable asset to help improve the quality and reach of mental health services. But it is not a replacement for mental health professionals. The right use of mental health technology is guided by the diligent supervision of our mental health experts.  

Wider access and reach

Based out of Mumbai, we cater to a wide patient base in Mumbai, various locations in India and across the globe. This is greatly aided by the advanced and patient-friendly online technology tools that we employ in ‘the Mumbai Psychiatrist’ team. This has enhanced the reach of our services effectively to a wider population base. The general population can also find access to mental health resources from the convenience of their homes and workplaces.

User-friendly tools

‘The Mumbai Psychiatrist’ team employs several user-friendly technology tools to aid in the successful delivery of our mental health services. Each patient is different and modern technology helps us customize our treatment to the specific needs of our varied patient populations.


Sometimes, some of our patients find it easier to access our online resources in their own private space and time limitations. Your mental health is your private concern and we respect that individual right. Through a selective level of anonymity, patients find it easier to implement our online resources and tools more effectively for their specific mental health needs.

Emergency intervention

In the case of certain mental health crisis situations, patients have found it useful to access our online platform and resources – at the critical point of need. This should, of course, be followed up with a more direct and professional intervention to provide the necessary expert assistance and relief over the long-term.

24 by 7

‘The Mumbai Psychiatrist’ platform is a growing knowledge bank and database of patient-friendly resources. Many of our patients have found it useful to access these online resources during hours of the day and night when it would be otherwise impossible to get in-person help from a professional.


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