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A strong and healthy family is the base on which every individual grows and thrives. A healthy and nurturing family provides the right support system for the healthy upbringing of children, adolescents, adults and all members of the family. We derive our emotional and psychological behavior references from our family. Similarly, in stressful situations, we turn to our family for support.

It follows as a logical consequence that:

  • Problems with children, adolescents (in particular) and all family members, have some family component associated with them
  • Dealing with the family component is as important as dealing with the individual problem
  • A dysfunctional family can lead to multiple problems in the children, adolescents, and all family members


Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy or psychological counseling that deals with the entire family. The objective of involving the family in the therapy is to understand and empathize with the conflicts, stressors and communication problems in the family that lead to the mental health problems of the individual/s. There are also various tests and assessments that can help this understanding.

The next objective of family therapy is to focus on solutions to resolve these conflicts and communication problems. The Mumbai Psychiatrist team is specialized in ‘Brief Solution Focused Family Therapy’.

This involves:

  • Group therapy with all concerned family members
  • 4-5 sessions
  • Each session lasting approximately 45 minutes

These are generic definitions and can be changed as per the specific problem and circumstance.

Dr. Jalpa Bhuta has trained and certified in the UK for ‘Brief Solution Focused Family Therapy‘ for 1 year doing a joint supervised session with trained family therapists and treating a variety of dysfunctional families with various problems. In India, she has successfully conducted Family Therapy sessions for families with several issues, especially for teenagers, from the last 10 years, suited to the Indian context.


Family therapy is important for understanding and dealing with the relationships component of the mental health problem. Family therapy is vital for finding solutions for troubled relationships. Family therapy is also important to give perspective to financial, relationship, parental and other stressors that can impact the mental health of the individual.

Family therapy can be used to treat various mental health issues including:

  1. Treating dysfunctional families which lead to childhood psychiatric problems
  2. Parental Counselling
  3. Sibling Conflict
  4. Couple Conflict
  5. Communication Issues
  6. Brief Solution Focused Family Therapy
  7. Treating the parents medically for any psychopathology
  8. Dealing with Childhood Traumas
  9. Relationship Empowerment
  10. Family Mental Health Enhancement

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