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Specialty Services & Compassionate Care of your Mind

We are your friendly Companions – on your journey towards your Mental Health.

The Mumbai Psychiatrist team follow a compassionate care approach for all its patients. We realize that each patient is unique and that each patient deserves a customized specialty care approach. We understand the rigors of the modern lifestyle and the multiple levels of stressors involved. We also empathize with the fact that you, as a patient, are interested in an efficient and effective solution – a solution specific to your mental health situation. We focus on practical and efficient solutions that you can apply in your day-to-day lives.

‘The Mumbai Psychiatrist’ provided best-in-class and specialized services in the following domains of psychiatry and mental health:

  1. General Psychiatry
  2. Women’s Psychiatry & Mental Health
  3. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry & Mental Health
  4. Family & Marital Therapy
  5. Specialized Online Consulting
  6. General Mental Health Management
  7. Psychological Assessment & Evaluation

Our Speciality Services & Compassionate Care Approach

Patient-centric Care

Every patient has different and unique mental health needs. These are determined by the patient’s personality type, socio-cultural norms, daily lifestyle, specific life circumstances, and particular mental health situation. We offer a wide spectrum of patient care and services customized to each and every patient’s unique mental health needs.

Solution-based Therapy

Our therapy and counseling focus is solution-based. We understand the value of efficient and effective solutions in the lives of patients. You need practical solutions that you can efficiently use to modify your mental health situations. Hence we have developed a specialized solution-based therapy approach.

Multi-disciplinary Care

We aim to provide holistic and complete care for all your mental health needs. Our experts know that the multiple dimensions of mental health are all inter-related and inter-dependant. To have a successful solution that you can implement in your daily lives, you need all these dimensions addressed simultaneously. Hence we focus on multi-disciplinary care, to provide you with the most optimal and holistic mental health solutions.

Collaborative Teams Approach

To achieve the above, we function through the effective collaboration of multi-disciplinary teams. All our clinical and assessment experts work in a supportive and collaborative approach to analyze all aspects of your particular case. Our team members meet up regularly to discuss the most optimal and effective solution for your specific mental health needs.

The Mumbai Psychiatrist team works on improving your overall Quality of Life.


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